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Physical Therapy supporting you from start to finish.

A Wellness Clinic
For Women By Women

The new mom who struggled to carry her child.

The CEO who couldn’t work.

The marathoner who gave up running.


These women all have something in common. They experienced a level of discomfort that prohibited them from living their life – doing the things they need to do to earn a living, to enjoy life, to take care of their families. 


These stories are real and they’re the inspiration behind Vitality.


We’re founded on the simple idea that a woman’s body is constantly evolving and while those changes may feel like minor annoyances, they actually have a major impact on her life. Our goal is to empower women to be at their physical best, whether that’s chasing three kids, training for the next race, or commanding the boardroom.

Do you experience any of the following in your daily life?
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  • Leaking urine or using the bathroom often or urgently

  • Difficulty controlling gas or bowel movements

  • Pain during sex or orgasm

  • Pelvic pain that limits you from daily activities like playing with your kids, unloading groceries, or exercising

  • Pain in your back, hips, groin, or pelvic area when you sit, stand, roll out of bed, climb stairs, or get in and out of your car

  • Difficulty reaching above your head, behind your back, or straight out in front of you due to shoulder pain

  • Pain when trying to sleep at night


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