Vitality Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training

Are you pregnant or looking to become pregnant?  Are you a new or veteran mom?

Move through pregnancy with a tailored fitness program that allows you to safely and effectively build strength, prevent excess weight gain, maintain core function, and prepare for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Experience a custom training program focused on alignment and core function, progress through more advanced exercises prepping you to return to your favorite activities and handle the physical demands of caring for your growing child.

Fitness Training Program Overview and Benefits:

At Vitality, you will receive personalized prenatal/postpartum training from the inside out. When you work with Sam, you can expect a truly unique, science-based approach to fitness and movement. Sam has developed a method that is based on functional fitness, tailored to each person and built on the following principles:

  • · Restore and master proper breathing as the basis of your core strength and stress management.

  • · Correct posture and develop strong resting muscle tone.

  • · Eliminate pain and injury through safe, effective corrective exercise.

  • · Progress through a well-planned, challenging and supportive fitness program that allows you to achieve personal goals, develop strength to care for your growing children, and safely return to your favorite

  • physical activities.

  • · Receive ongoing coaching, encouragement and motivation as you embark on your prenatal/postpartum

  • health and wellness journey.

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