Breast Cancer Rehab
& Lymphedema

Conditions we treat:

Post-Mastectomy/Breast Surgery and Breast Pain Management

  • Breast pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Scar pain

  • Limited shoulder mobility

  • Axillary cording/axillary web syndrome

  • Lymphedema

Possible Symptoms
You May Be Experiencing
  • Pain and/or difficulty reaching overhead or behind your back

  • Painful scar tissue along incision that may make it difficult to wear clothing or move freely

  • Feeling of pulling along your arm anywhere from your armpit, to elbow, even down to your wrist

  • Feeling of tightness in arm or chest wall

  • Swelling in your arm, hand, or chest wall

  • Difficulty or limitations in completing your normal daily activities

Our PT Services

Post-Mastectomy Management

  • Scar tissue mobilization

  • Range of motion and strengthening exercises

  • General return to activity and conditioning

  • Functional movement training

Lymphedema Management

  • Complete decongestive therapy

  • Compression bandaging

  • Compression garments

  • Manual lymph drainage

  • Exercise

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