Mommy Yoga

Were you once a runner and took some time off?
Have you always had a goal to become a runner?
Did you just have a baby and are eager to return to running?
How do you know when you are ready to start a running program again or for the first time?

Can you perform...

  • 30-minute brisk walk

  • 20 single-leg sit to stands

  • 20 single-leg bridge 

  • 20 single-leg calf raises

  • 20 side-lying leg lifts

Ready to Run Assessments

Ready to Run Assessments

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Leg Stretch
But wait...

If you answer YES to any of the following questions...

  • Do you leak urine when walking, jumping, coughing, or sneezing?

  • Do you have a sensation of heaviness or dropping in the pelvic/vagina region?

  • Are you unable to control gas or bowel movements?

  • Do you see doming coming from your abdomen when you move or exercise?

  • Do you have low back or pelvic pain with physical activity?

Consider seeing a pelvic physical therapist for a formal assessment before you start running.


Post-partum women should have a pelvic floor assessment prior to returning to high impact  activities

  • Even women who had cesarean delivery

  • Prevent/manage pelvic organ prolapse, urine leakage and sexual dysfunction