Small Group Fitness at Vitality

Small group fitness classes are lead and designed by a certified trainer with specialty training in women's fitness. 


REGISTER for 6 or 8-week class series or single classes.


All classes are limited to 8 participants in order to continuously modify to meet each individuals needs.


Great supplement to Physical Therapy at Vitality!  Vitality Physical Therapists will be able to communicate with the fitness instructor to assist current patients in optimal participation in classes.


NOTE: Classes are located in a facility that is a physical therapy/healthcare clinic.

  • Masks are required for indoor classes.

  • Outdoor class options as weather and space permitting this fall.

Fall 2022 Women's Fitness Classes

VITAL CORE: Wednesdays 10-11am

Experience a core class that begins with proper alignment and breathing, then layers on movement to create a strong, functional core from the inside out.  This class incorporates elements of ballet barre, pilates, and yoga to help you move with ease, eliminate pain in the back and hips, improve flexibility, and increase overall strength.  Classes feature high repetition movements in a small range of motion in order to isolate muscles to tone and elongate.  Proper core engagement is taught within each exercise in order to stabilize the muscles closest to the spine, allowing for each individual to master their best neutral alignment and posture.  After working each muscle group, we stretch to elongate the muscles and bring balance to the body through increased flexibility.

VITAL STRENGTH: Mondays and Saturdays 8:30-9:30am
Improve muscular strength and endurance in a class series built to meet the specific needs of women throughout the various stages of life.  This class features a warm-up to improve mobility and range of motion, circuits that include whole-body, multi-joint exercises meant to simulate movements performed during daily life, and a cool down to increase flexibility.  Every exercise is broken down and cued so participants are working in a safe alignment with proper breathing and core engagement.  This combination of alignment, breathing, and functional exercise will improve posture, strengthen deep core muscles, enable easier movement, and eliminate pain through everyday activities.