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Small Group Fitness at Vitality

Small group fitness classes are lead and designed by a certified trainer with specialty training in women's fitness. 


REGISTER for 4-week class series or single classes.


All classes are limited to 8 participants in order to continuously modify to meet each individuals needs.


Great supplement to Physical Therapy at Vitality!  Vitality Physical Therapists will be able to communicate with the fitness instructor to assist current patients in optimal participation in classes.


NOTE: Classes are located in a facility that is a physical therapy/healthcare clinic.

  • Masks are required for Friday indoor classes (d

  • Mask optional on Saturdays (new in 2023)

  • Outdoor class options as weather and space permitting in spring, summer, fall sessions.

2023 Women's Fitness Classes

CORE 360: Offering classes/sessions on Fridays at 11am and Saturdays at 8:45am


Experience this unique class that blends strength training for women with fine tuning core exercises incorporating elements of ballet barre, pilates and yoga.  Classes feature a full body warm-up to improve mobility and range of motion, circuits that include whole-body, multi-joint exercises meant to simulate movements performed during daily life, and a series of high repetition movements in a controlled range of motion to tone and elongate.  New to exercise, a veteran looking to change up routine, pregnant, postpartum, menopausal- this class is built specifically for women at each stage of life and fitness.  You will receive constant coaching and feedback on alignment, breathing and core engagement.  Walk away each week feeling strong and confident, standing a little taller, and moving with ease and without pain.