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Vitality Personal Fitness Training
Vitality supports women through every age and stage of life
by offering personalized fitness opportunities
Vitality Training Program Overview:

At Vitality, you will receive personalized training from the inside out. When you work with Sam, you can expect a truly unique, science-based approach to fitness and movement. Sam has developed a method that is based on functional fitness, tailored to each person and built on the following principles: 

  • Restore and master proper breathing as the basis of your core strength and stress management. 

  • Correct posture and develop strong resting muscle tone. 

  • Eliminate pain and injury through safe, effective corrective exercise. 

  • Progress through a well-planned, challenging and supportive fitness program that allows you to achieve personal goals, develop strength to perform daily living activities, and progress towards or safely return to your favorite physical activities.  

  • Receive ongoing coaching, encouragement and motivation as you embark on your prenatal/postpartum health and wellness journey.

Friends Working Out
Fit Woman
Girl Doing Push-Ups
Private Sessions
  • Personal training provides a workout routine crafted to suit your unique needs, goals, and schedule. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, how many schedule challenges you face, or if you are nervous to begin a fitness program, you will have someone committed to finding solutions that ultimately lead to your success.

  • By appointment only scheduled 1-hour sessions.

Semi-Private Sessions
  • Experience the benefits of an individualized training program all while building relationships and community with women moving through similar life experiences. This program provides custom workouts catered to your individual needs and goals, all while being surrounded by individuals who will continually challenge and support you.

  • Scheduled 1-hour sessions with 2-4 participants.

  • By request only!

"Sam is kind and patient, and she will motivate and find ways to keep you accountable. The best part of working with Sam is that she is able to modify exercises for different life stages. Sam helped me develop my strength during my pregnancy. I felt comfortable this time around and my back pain stayed away. I was able to keep up with regular activities and I slept better at night. My goal is to get back into outdoor running, tennis, and more once I’m post-partum. I feel like with Sam’s assistance I’m on a path to do all those exercises that I love again."


Meet Vitality's Trainer
Sam Headshot (1).jpg
Sam Olson
Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Sam is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with a BS in Kinesiology, and specialty certifications in pre/postnatal fitness, corrective exercise, Schwinn cycling instruction and Barre instruction. 

Sam is an advocate for all women receiving high quality fitness instruction.  Her clients appreciate her ability to break down complex material and tailor her training program to meet their individual needs.


She believes that your health is a priority always, daily movement should be joyful and pain free and a regular fitness routine should continually challenge and support one's physical, mental, and emotional well being. 

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