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Bedwetting & Constipation & Potty Training, Oh My!

Does your child have difficulty with bowel movements or does your child continue to wet the bed at night? Children as young as 3 years old who experience these issues may benefit by getting a pelvic PT involved in their care. Learn about the norms for bladder and bowel function for children as well as how pelvic PTs treat childhood conditions at Vitality.

Presented by Ariana Jones, PT, DPT

Don't Make Me Laugh:

How to Treat & Prevent Urinary Incontinence

One of Vitality’s board-certified women’s health specialists, Katherine Ireland, will be talking all things urinary incontinence. She will provide an overview of the varying types of leakage people often experience and practical ways to address these issues so you no longer have to worry about laughing too hard or where the closest bathroom is!

Presented by Katherine Ireland, PT, DPT


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