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We're committed to advocating for women and empowering them to pursue the healthcare they need and deserve through their lifetimes.  With that mission in mind, we offer regular educational sessions on a variety of women's and pelvic health topics.  All are available for free upon request.  Just contact us!

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Rumors about Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, or DRA, may be scary or confusing during your pregnancy or postpartum. DRA is a separation of your abdominal wall which may occur due to changes in pressure and tension during pregnancy, but there is a lot of false information out there, including the do’s and don’ts on how to avoid it and what to do if you have it.

Learn how to prevent DRA, how to check for the separation, and what to do if you are experiencing abdominal doming.

Couple Expecting Baby

What to Expect Postpartum,

When You Are Expecting

There is a lot of information out there for soon-to-be moms on what to expect when expecting but most of us have no idea what really happens after the baby arrives. This webinar highlights what women might expect during their physical recovery after pregnancy and delivery. Education regarding pelvic floor care in the first 6 weeks postpartum, including healing, exercise and return to intercourse will be provided.


In this talk we introduce you to an important member all new moms should consider adding to their postnatal team, a pelvic physical therapist. Vitality explains how we can assist in recovery as well as what the first PT visit may look like. But before the webinar is over, Vitality shares some advice on how reduce back pain when lifting your baby or when feeding your baby.

Couple's Feet in Bed

Returning to sexual activity after delivering a baby is not just as easy as receiving the "all clear" from your medical provider. There are so many things that factor into readiness to return to intimacy with your partner, both physically and psychologically.


This webinar discusses common body changes after having a baby and the physical impact of a vaginal or cesarean birth as well as the impact of hormonal changes on vaginal dryness and libido. Our pelvic health physical therapist will also explain the role of pelvic floor muscles in sexual function. You'll learn strategies to revive your sexual health after baby and hopefully the only barrier to returning to sex after baby is a good night's sleep.

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Don't Make Me Laugh:

How to Treat & Prevent Urinary Incontinence

While having urinary leakage while laughing, jumping, or with a sudden urge may be common after childbirth, it is NOT normal!

Many women will also experience these symptoms even if they have not had a baby, which again is NOT normal!

This educational webinar provides an overview of the varying types of leakage and practical ways to address these issues so you no longer have to worry about laughing too hard or where the closest bathroom is!

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse:

Explaining that “Falling Out” Feeling

There are many myths and misconceptions about pelvic organ prolapse, making it difficult to understand what you can and can’t do if you experience a “bulging” or “falling out” sensation in the pelvic region. Pelvic organ prolapse is the descent of one or more pelvic organs into the vaginal canal, typically due to weaker muscles or connective tissue. This is a very common diagnosis for women, and there are many treatment options (including pelvic PT) that can decrease symptom severity and improve overall quality of life!

Learn about pelvic organ prolapse and what to do if you experience related symptoms.


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Bedwetting and Constipation

and Potty Training, Oh My!

Does your child have difficulty with bowel movements or does your child continue to wet the bed at night? Children as young as 3 years old who experience these issues may benefit by getting a pelvic PT involved in their care. Learn about the norms for bladder and bowel function for children as well as how pelvic PTs treat childhood conditions at Vitality.

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