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Pilates Work Out
Strong Girls Program
What’s included in the program:
  • Educational lectures on various topics tailored toward teenage girls ages 14-18

  • Safe workouts to improve flexibility, postural awareness and whole body strength 

  • Access to multiple health care professionals and resources for further education/treatment if necessary

Cost: $150 for 6-week Virtual Program

          *Sign up with a friend and both receive

            $50 off registration.

Our first session begins on July 13th!

Lecture & Activity Series
  • Anatomy of the core and female specific body parts

  • Normal health for the bowel and bladder as well as dysfunction teenagers may experience 

  • Healthy eating and sleep habits 

  • Cope with anxiety and overcome trauma 

  • Improve relationships with parents and friends 

  • Virtual yoga and dance classes

2 times each week for the 6-week program

Meet the instructors
Girls Doing Push-Ups
Fitness Program
  • Less than 30 mins circuit workouts 

  • Focus on strong core, glutes and mid back to help prevent poor posture, back pain and common sports injuries girls experience 

  • Pre-recorded video guide participants through optimal form

  • No equipment required, but can utilize resistance bands and weights to increase difficulty 

2 times each week for the 6-week program

Weekly Lectures By Vitality's PT
  • What is the Strong Girls Program?

  • The Core Has a Floor, Part 1

  • The Core Has a Floor, Part 2

  • Why does nobody talk about pee and poop?

  • All the neat things our pelvis can do!

  • Why is a healthy body important?


One webinar each week for the 6-week program



Speaker: Katie McDougall, MSW, LCSW

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