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Vitality Women's Running Club
8-week program: Sept 28th through November 21st


Race Day: Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25th

  • Option to register for a local Turkey Trot

  • Virtual participation in a 5k and share your success with the group!


Cost: $160 for 8-week

Running in City
What’s included:
Running Program:
  • 8-week progressive running program to prepare for a 5k (goal to be ready to complete a Turkey Trot).

  • Option to meet with Run Club Participants to run as a group on the Illinois Prairie Path:

    • Before or after Tues & Thurs circuits for short runs.

    • On Sundays at 10am for longer runs with a Vitality staff member.

Circuit Training:
  • Access to 8 recorded circuit type, 30-minute exercise routines, requiring no equipment, with video demonstration, that can be performed independently to support your running program

  • Option to join socially distanced, outdoor meet-ups at the Elmhurst Clinic for 30-minute circuits led by Vitality, twice a week. 

    • Tuesdays: 6:30-7pm

    • Thursday: 6:30-7pm

8-week Running Schedule
  • Three days of running per week

    • Option for adding Active Rest/Walk Days

  • “Running” days can be changed to walking for those who are not interested in running at this time 

  • Calendar is a guideline- feel free to change circuit or running days to best fit your schedule

  • Program concludes with your participation in a virtual or in-person 5k

    • Goal date: Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25th

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8-week Circuit Program
  • Circuits consist of 6 exercises, repeated 4 times, to equal about 30-minute workout

  • Exercises are a combination of upper/lower body strengthening, core strengthening, and cardio moves

  • No equipment required, but can utilize resistance bands and weights to increase difficulty 

  • Optimal form is demonstrated and modifications are offered as needed for participants.

  • Choice of attendance to in-person group social-distanced circuits or independent participation at home following video demonstration of circuits.

    • Videos accessible online throughout the entire program to perform when it is convenient for you.

    • In-person group circuit will be outdoors weather permitting at Elmhurst clinic:

      • Tuesdays: 6:30-7pm

      • Thursdays: 6:30-7pm


“Post-partum women should have a pelvic floor assessment prior to returning to high impact  activities”

Low impact activities until at least 3 months post-partum is optimal for healing

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