Vitality Women's Running Club
What’s included in the Running Club:
  • 8-week program calendar outlining weekly exercises, including running and strength training

  • 8 circuit type, 30-minute exercise routines, requiring no equipment, with video demonstration

  • Option for joining socially distanced, outdoor meet-ups for the 30-minute circuits led by Vitality up to twice a week.

  • Membership to a private Facebook page to engage with other women to help you stay on track toward your goals

Cost: $200 for 8-week Program for new participants

  • Past Vitality Women's Run Club participants can join twice weekly, in-person circuits for $80 this spring session.

Spring session: April 5th to May 29th

  • Elmhurst out-door circuits (weather permitting)

    • Tuesdays: 6:30-7pm  (circuit 1)

    • Wednesday: 9:30-10am (circuit 1)

    • Saturday: 10-10:30am (circuit 2)

    • NOTE: participants will sign up weekly to reserve a spot on circuit days above.

  • Option to join other participants at the Prairie Path in Elmhurst 30 minutes before or after scheduled circuits for group runs.

    • No sign up needed to join a run.

Virtual Program can always begin with rolling registration to be performed at your pace!

8-week Running Schedule
  • Four days of exercise per week

  • “Running” days can be changed to walking for those who are not interested in running at this time 

  • Calendar is a guideline- feel free to change work or running days to best fit your schedule

  • Program concludes with your goal of choice called a Fun Run!

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8-week Circuit Program
  • Circuits consisting of 6 exercises, repeated 4 times, to equal about 30-minute workout

  • No equipment required, but can utilize resistance bands and weights to increase difficulty 

  • Videos demonstrating optimal form and modifications for all participants

  • Choice of attendance to one of three scheduled in-person social-distanced circuits (outdoors weather permitting at Elmhurst clinic):

    • Tuesdays: 6:30-7pm

    • Wednesdays: 9:30-10am

    • Saturdays: 10-10:30am


“Post-partum women should have a pelvic floor assessment prior to returning to high impact  activities”

Low impact activities until at least 3 months post-partum is optimal for healing